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[IDV #EQX-211532]: help with scripting camera changes

> Good morning. I've been tasked with doing a volume rendering
> visualization that will need to have changes in camera position
> scripted. We're going to show the visualization from one angle and
> once all the frames are done we want to script a way for the IDV to
> move to another angle and then have the visualization rotate 360
> degrees around the z-axis. I've looked at the IDV website and didn't
> see a way to this with the isl tags. Is it possible to do this with
> isl tags? If not, is it possible to do what I want using jython? Any
> examples you can show me of code that allows the user to script the
> camera positions?
Hi Katie,
That's a good idea so I just implemented it. In tonight's build there will be 
support for a viewpoint tag in ISL. You can do 3 things - set the aspect ratio 
of a view, set the tilt/azimuth (like you can do with the Viewpoint dialog) and 
explicitly set the rotation/translation/scale matrix.

Attached is an example isl file that shows these 3 things.

I have also added to the Aspect Ratio tab of the View manager properties dialog 
a listing of the rotation/scale/translation values. So you can easily figure 
out for a given viewpoint what the values are.

Please give us some feedback on this and feel free to make suggestions for 


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