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[IDV #EIT-463474]: problem w/display labels

Hi Katie,

> Hi there. I'm trying to do a visualzation (colored-filled contour) of
> max daily temperature for 5 years and am having lots of issues. I'm
> slowly trying to set up the display as I want it and then save as an
> xidv file. When I try to change the display label, lots of issues come
> up. 1) I want the display label to show up as just the time
> (%timestamp%) but I want to format the time as May 20, 2008 not how
> it's displayed now (2008-05-20 12:00:00Z). How do I do that? Also, I

There is another macro format you  can use:
%time:some time format%
Look under the "Timestamp" bullet in the docs:

> want to make the font bigger but I don't see a way. Is there a way to
> change the font size? The idv always seems to when I try to modify the

Go to the Properties dialog for the View (View->Properties menu).
There is a Display List section where you can set the font, font size and color
for all of the display list entries.

> Display label color. 2) When I restart the IDV and I go to load in my
> xidv file, I get the error below (for IDV 2.6a) or the whole thing
> fails to load (for 2.7, first image appears, but the whole IDV just
> hangs). Any idea what is happening?  I've attached my xidv file.

There is a version problem when you try to load a bundle in a 2.6 version that 
was created using 2.7. When you are running under 2.7 and the IDV hangs can you 
hit this url:

And send us the result page. This shows a stack trace and should show where 
things are hanging up.


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