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[IDD #BOC-401091]: pqinsert data loss


> During the MUG conference, there was a group discussion period at the
> end of Monday. I mentioned the failure to process everything, but
> specifically the large new GFS Grid files.

I seem to recall something about that :-)

> I think it was you who mentioned increasing our ldm queue size. Is this
> as easy as changing the registry.xml, and doing a ldmadmin restart?
> Sounds too easy, but I am an optimist.

Changing the LDM queue size is a three step process:

- change the setting in the LDM registry

  One should make sure that there is enough RAM to support the
  size that is desired.

- stop the LDM, delete the queue and create a new queue

  <as 'ldm'>
  -- edit ~ldm/etc/registry.xml

  ldmadmin stop
  ldmadmin delqueue
  ldmadmin mkqueue

- restart the LDM

  ldmadmin start

The other thing that we always recommend if you are not doing so
already is setting up system monitoring via the 'ldmadmin addmetrics'
action.  This is done via a pair of cron jobs run as the 'ldm' user:

# LDM metrics gathering
* * * * * bin/ldmadmin addmetrics > /dev/null
0 0 1 * * bin/ldmadmin newmetrics > /dev/null

After you have gathered metrics for "enough" time (a day or so minimum),
you can then use 'ldmadmin plotmetrics' to generate a series of 
plots that can help guide you on how large of an LDM queue is needed,
etc.  In order to plot graphs, you would have had to install 'gnuplot'.

> We currently are set to 6G, so do you think 7 or 8G? 8 sounds like a
> nice round number.

I would like to see the 'age of the oldest product in queue versus time'
and the 'space vs time' plots from 'ldmadmin plotmetrics' before advising
you on how large to make your LDM queue.


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