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[IDD #ISJ-658184]: NIMAGE feed - big lags from idd.unidata starting ~16 UTC Monday August 5?

Hi Pete,

> FYI, we're still seeing a bit of a bump in latencies on the NIMAGE
> feed at times. Not there for the SATELLITE feed. Strange, since both
> are ultimately originating from iddb or iddc - but the SATELLITE feed
> takes a hop through hera.aos.wisc.edu
> SATELLITE is iddb|iddc.unidata.ucar.edu -> hera.aos.wisc.edu -> 
> idd.aos.wisc.edu -> idd1|idd2.aos.wisc.edu
> NIMAGE is iddb|iddc.unidata.ucar.edu -> idd-agg.aos.wisc.edu -> 
> idd1|idd2.aos.wisc.edu

We have no explanation for why the latencies you are experiencing in
your NIMAGE feed are so high, sorry.

We do have a recommendation for a test:

Add REQUEST(s) for NIMAGE on hera; comment out REQUESTs for NIMAGE
on your cluster aggregator; add a REQUEST for NIMAGE to hera
in place of the REQUESTs for NIMAGE to iddb/iddc; restart the LDMs
on both hera and on your cluster aggregator.

Why?  If the latencies drop to expected low levels, the problem is
likely due to some sort of resource constraint on your cluster
aggregator.  If the latencies don't change, we will have to
continue trying to figure out what is going on.


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