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[IDD #OMZ-874415]: GOESR ldm feed


The product-queue is trying to make room for the product but can't because all 
the products in the queue are locked. (A product it locked by, for example, a 
pqact(1) process while it's processing the product.)

If this happened for a 69 MB product after increasing the queue size to 8 GB, 
then it's likely that one or more pqact(1) decoders aren't reading all their 
products and, consequently, the products are staying locked. You might be able 
to verify this by seeing how many processes have a pqact(1) process as their 
parent process.

The next LDM release will continue to run if no room can be made for a product. 
If I'm right about the cause, however, this wouldn't be any help to you.

> Ok we've increased the queue size to 8 GB.
> Greg just noticed that it happened again.
> 20180925T205649.278944Z pqact[12116] WARN palt.c:1371:processProduct()
> Processed oldest product in full queue: age=0.806237 s, prod= 375669732
> 2018092520563
> 7.567382 DIFAX 000
> /data/cspp-geo/GRB-R/OR_ABI-L1b-RadF-M3C02_G16_s20182682045346_e20182682056113_c20182682056155.nc
> 20180925T211147.076174Z idd.unidata.ucar.edu[12118] ERROR
> pq.c:5226:pq_del_oldest() no unlocked products left to delete!
> 20180925T211147.076404Z idd.unidata.ucar.edu[12118] ERROR
> DownHelp.c:220:dh_saveDataProduct() pq_insert() failed: Permission denied:
> 69563730 201809252111
> 36.295660 DIFAX 000
> /data/cspp-geo/GRB-R/OR_ABI-L1b-RadF-M3C03_G16_s20182682100346_e20182682111113_c20182682111159.nc
> 20180925T211147.076604Z idd.unidata.ucar.edu[12118] NOTE
> ldmd.c:187:cleanup() Exiting
> Thanks,
> Carol

Steve Emmerson

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