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[IDD #MWQ-760671]: Test Feed

Hi Ziv,

> I could not the test to write to the log file (as opened with "less").

???  I don't understand... you tried testing LDM logging and it didn't

> Here are 50-default.conf and rsyslog.conf files.

Your /etc/rsyslog.conf looks OK, but I would remove the blank lines at the
end of the file (should have no effect, but ...).

In your /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf file, I would change the spaces
in the last line to one or more tabs:


# Unidata LDM:
local0.*        /home/ldm/var/logs/ldmd.log


After making these changes (as 'root, of course), I would make sure
that the LDM log file exists, is owned by 'ldm', and has read/write
permissions for the world:

<as 'ldm'>
cd ~ldm
touch var/logs/ldmd.log
chmod 666 var/logs/ldmd.log

Then restart rsyslogd:

<as 'root'>
service rsyslog restart

Then test to see if logging is working:

<as 'ldm'>
logger -p local0.debug 'test of LDM logging'
ls -alt var/logs/ldmd.log

> Do you think the successful execution of this logging is contingent on my
> VM being able to send outbound traffic?


> That issue is unfortunately still unresolved.

Did your network folks acknowledge that outbound traffic
to port 388 is being blocked?  If yes, are they willing to
change the firewall(s) to allow this?


- is there any way I could SSH to your VM as user 'ldm'?

  This would make the whole troubleshooting process go _much_ quicker!

> Thanks Tom!

No worries.


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