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[IDD #PMO-154243]: Internet2 vs Internet

> Hi folks,

Hi Chris, 

> A bit more than a decade ago, when we first joined I2, that network
> pathway was significantly better than our commodity Internet connection.
> Fast-for ward to now, and our I2 bandwidth is significantly less than
> our  commodity connection.  Our network folks tried a test, where we
> routed our LDM connection to the IDD feed via our Time Warner network
> connection and our throughput went way down.


> The question is, are you folks limited in your commodity Internet
> bandwidth?  If that isn't the case, is there a network guru that I could
> have our guru communicate with to try and sort things out? 

Sure, but maybe we can figure a few things out first :)

Could you please perform (from your LDM machine) a:

traceroute idd.unidata.ucar.edu

traceroute idd.meteo.psu.edu

traceroute idd.tamu.edu 

(who is your back up feed?)

Looks like you have CONDUIT and UNIWISC on the same request line, do not place 
other feeds with CONDUIT, the volume is too large.

We see some possible clock issue at WSI (lightning feed drift), and some other 
issues. Let's start with looking at
these traceroutes before we involve networking :)

We'll figure it out, sorry for the issues...

You have a nice long weekend as well my friend, 

> things can get squirrelly if there are two path options back to a host,
> but I just left my pay grade with that sentence.
> Anyway, we wanted to see if there was an easy explanation to why we
> didn't get the same throughput when we switched to commodity Internet
> on this end.
> Have a great extended weekend!
> Best to all,
> Chris H.


Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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