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[IDD #DQQ-790553]: Request for help with LDM setup

Hi Wes,

> Thank you so much for all your help up to this point.  I have, using the
> basic setup provided, gotten the IDS|DDPLUS feed running and putting data
> onto our server.  Obviously, the samples given in your documentation are
> not exactly what we may want, but it's a great start for us to build from!

Most university sites are using one of the analysis/display applications
that we provide, and those come bundled with LDM pattern-action files
that implement decoding of the data available in the IDD into formats
usable by the package.  Depending on your objective for your data use,
you may want to take advantage of one or more of those packages:


If one of your goals is to serve the data you will receive, you might
want to look more closely at the two packages we offer that provide
data serving capabilities:

McIDAS-X (its ADDE component)

You can learn about these packages through the documentation pages
for the individual packages on our web site (they are listed in
the Software pages).

> I am truly excited to be getting this data feed active.  We have a lot of
> work to do from here, but I'm looking forward to it all.


> Any suggestions you can give us at this point would be terrific.

I suggest you check out the analysis/display packages we make available
first.  I also suggest that you subscribe to one or more of the
topic-specific email lists that we maintain for the packages we
make available.  Some of the lists that may be of interest are:


You can (un)subscribe to any/all of these lists (and more) online at:

Unidata HomePage

  Support -> Mailing lists

> Outside
> of those, thank you so much again for your help on this.

No worries.

> I will be
> emailing the PSU and TAMU admins about official access to their datasets in
> the coming weeks (right now, I'm just using the Unidata feed) as we ramp up
> our data requests.

There is really no need to contact the LDM/IDD administrators at PSU/TAMU
as they have agreed to feed data to U.S. universities ('.edu's that is).
Contacting them, however, would be nice nonetheless.


- please switch your IDS|DDPLUS feed REQUEST(s) to PSU and add a redundant

  We have no problem feeding you, but we try to keep data distribution
  as decentralized as possible AND redundant, and PSU and TAMU are two
  of the top level IDD relays that operate in support of the Unidata
  university community

> And, I will be voraciously reading up on any web
> materials on the data sets and data management within the system.

Some things to keep in mind:

- it is best to make sure that your LDM logging is working correctly

  This will help in troubleshooting in the event that there are some
  problems down the road

- learn how to use the _very_ useful LDM utility 'notifyme'

  'notifyme' can inform you of what you are receiving AND what upstream
  sites that have ALLOWed you to REQUEST data are receiving.  I think
  that 'notifyme' is one of, if not THE most useful parts of the LDM.

- please, please don't forget about the need to do comprehensive
  data scouring

  I don't know how many sites have not fully attended to data scouring
  (including the rotating/scouring of log files) and then run into
  problems when their file system(s) fill up!

> Thanks again!

No worries.  Welcome to Unidata!!


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