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[IDD #BVK-695331]: Madis data

Hi Terri,

> Our madis data feed quit after the 1/24/14 2300 UTC file, and I have not
> been able to get to the madis.noaa.gov or madis-data.noaa.gov sites to
> find out what's going on.
> Do you all have any ideas?

Yes, GSD computing systems are down for maintenance this weekend.  Here
is the email we received from them yesterday afternoon:

Date:    Fri, 24 Jan 2014 16:22:43 MST
To:      _OAR ESRL GSD All Data Users <address@hidden>
cc:      Sysadm <address@hidden>,
         GSD Computer Operations <address@hidden>
From:    Systems Support Group <address@hidden>
Subject: Reminder: DSRC planned power outage - 1/25/2014

From address@hidden  Fri Jan 24 16: 24:30 2014

*Reminder*: GSD data center/systems shutdown begins 5:00pm MT today

address@hidden> wrote:

All NOAA/ESRL/GSD data users,

A scheduled power outage for switchgear preventative maintenance at
the NOAA/ESRL/GSD facility in Boulder, CO, will be taking place on
25 January 2014.

We will start shutting down systems at 5:00pm Friday, the 24th.
All GSD data sets will be unavailable until this maintenance completes
and systems and networks are brought back on-line.
At this time, the duration of the scheduled data outage is estimated to
be approximately 24 hours from 1/24/2014 5:00pm to 1/25/2014 5:00pm MT.

We will keep you informed on the status. Please let us know if you have
any questions or concerns.
Email: address@hidden
Phone: 303-497-6887

Please be aware that our email and office phone will be unreachable during
the maintenance window. Please contact us by our cell phone:
303-652-7057 if needed.

Thanks for your cooperation!


ESRL/GSD/ITS/Systems Support Group

Since you are feeding directly from GSD, it seems that you should be
included in the email list that they used to announce outages like
this, but I guess that you are not.  Since we do not control GSD's
email list(s), you will need to contact them directly to get added.

> Thanks a bunch,

No worries.


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