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[Staging #ZCW-362646]: Data from a IDD source at UNIDATA

Hi Rodrigo,

I moved your emails into our inquiry tracking system so that we can better

> Clarifying...
> 1) and 2) Yes, we have. Unidata -> CPTEC -> Marine Meteorological Service
> (Brazilian Navy)
> 3) Yes, I would like to feed our machine directly from unidata, for
> redundancy from CPTEC.

The comments about getting redundancy in feeds is very interesting
mainly because having a separate feed from idd.unidata.ucar.edu does
not really give you redundancy since it is also feeding CPTEC.
What would give you more redundancy is a feed from some other toplevel
IDD relay like the Texas A&M cluster, idd.tamu.edu.

> Our IP:

Do you mean that this is the range of IP addresses at your site?

> machines:
> ldm.smm.mil.br
> cumulos.smm.mil.br
> dpns27.smm.mil.br
> nimbus.smm.mil.br
> raio.smm.mil.br
> trovoada.smm.mil.br

None of these machines have forward or reverse DNS.  Setting
up access for machines without forward AND reverse DNS is
is not something that we like to do since the setup is "brittle"
(i.e., easily breaks).  I believe that the toplevel IDD relays
(e.g., idd.tamu.edu, idd.meteo.psu.edu, etc.) will _not_ setup
specialized ALLOWs for machines that do not have both forward
and reverse DNS because it presents an undue support burden
for them.


What is the fully qualified machine name AND IP address for
the machine that you want to be ALLOWed to REQUEST data from
Unidata or other toplevel IDD relays?


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