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[Support #EDS-330074]: RE: Need to obtain upstream data-feeds for Radar data

Hi George,

I just noticed that your email of the 16th had not been replied to from someone
here in Unidata.  I apologize for our very late response!

> We are currently working on a Weather Data Environment (WxDE) project funded 
> by the
> USDOT and have a need to integrate the Vehicle Data Translator (VDT) 
> developed by NCAR.
> This requires us to use the LDM to download radar data that will be used as 
> input by the
> VDT program.


> Could you please help us identify upstream data-feeds

Are you associated with RAL in your WxDE effort?  If yes, they would be the
logical group to provide NEXRAD2 and/or NEXRAD3 feeds to you.

> and provide instructions on how we can get this setup?

The instructions for installing an LDM are available online at our website:

Unidata HomePage

  Software -> LDM


      Installing, Configuring, and Activating the LDM System

> The following is information related to our site according to
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/ldm/ldm-current/basics/configuring.html,
> Name of site:  USDOT FHWA Weather Data Environment
> LDM administrator:
> Name:          George Zheng
> Phone number:  571-329-5420
> Email Address: address@hidden
> Hostname: we have not finalized this but the IP address will be
> Desired feedtype: I am not clear on how to specify this and would like to ask 
> you to
> help us identify

We need some additional information:

- if you are not associated/working with RAL (and so can not get LDM/IDD
  feed from them), we will need to know where you are physically located
  so that we can determine which site may work best as an upstream for
  NEXRAD data.

- which radar data are you interested in?

  The choices are:

  - Level II (IDD feedtype NEXRAD2)
  - Level III (IDD feedtype NEXRAD3)

  Level II is full volume scan data; Level III are products created from
  the Level II data at NEXRAD PUPs.

- which radar stations are you interested in receiving?

- the ALLOW mechanism in the LDM relies on there being both forward
  and reverse DNS for the downstream machine.  Please proceed on
  getting this setup in advance of being assigned an upstream feed

> Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated.

Again, I apologize for the slowness in our reply.


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