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[IDD #SWZ-278421]: iddstats for gina.awis.com

Hi Rodger,

> We were tracking down some local network issues and decided to look at
> our IDD stats. We receive some feeds from MADIS and are a paid
> subscriber to the lightning feed from WSI. Please take a look at the
> rstats graph below for the FSL datatype.
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/cgi-bin/rtstats/iddstats_vol_nc1?FSL2+gina.awis.com+-b
>  86400

OK, this is a plot of longer term stats being reported by gina.awis.com.
The real-time stats can be found in:


> What are all the other hosts that are listed?

Quite frankly, I don't know.  A quick, non-real-time look at one
of our machines that is requesting the FSL2 feed shows the
same set of machines listed.  It may well be that the labels are
some sort of an artifact in our stats displays.  This would require
some code diving to know for sure.


> We do not have any allow entries in our ldmd.conf for
> any host outside other than one specific client.

The hosts listed should have nothing to do with your
~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf ALLOW(s).

> Is there something going on here that would concern us?

No  The real-time plots nicely show that you are feeding from one
upstream for the FSL2 feedtype:



click on the topology link:


The IDD feed tree for FSL2 confirms that you are not feeding
anybody FSL2 data from gina:


The real-time snapshot shows that you are only REQUESTing from one
upstream.  What this listing does not show is whether or not your
upstream is feeding, in turn, from one or more machines upstream to it
since it is not reporting real-time stats back to us.  However,
the label on the real-time volume plot for FSL2 suggests that your
upstream is, in fact, feeding from one or more upstreams.

In short, I see nothing that suggests that you need to be concerned
with your LDM's security.

> As always, thanks for you help.

No worries.


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