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[IDD #IRS-671589]: Missing FIPSEV and FIPSLD products

Hi Minna,

This is a quick note to update you on the various comments received by
a variety of folks who are looking into the missing FIPs issue you
brought to our attention (respondents names/email addresses have
been left off purposefully):

  Posted on: 20120501.1433 MDT  
  I know the FIP/CIP stuff comes out of AWC. And I know they had to make
  a change today to coincide with the RAP upgrade. Hmmm... the TIN I was
  thinking of mentions GTG, but not CIP. But just to be sure, let me
  throw two AWC contacts onto this thread.

  Posted on: 20120501.1436 MDT  
  Looking into it.

  Posted on: 20120501.1607 MDT  
  It looks to me like the data is making it to the TOC. I have contacted
  them to see if it is making it to NCF. Maybe falling on the floor at the
  TOC or NCF? not sure, but it looks like the data is being processed at the
  AWC properly at this time. I apologize for the inconvenience and we'll
  keep you informed as we know more. Thanks, in advance, for your patience.

  Posted on: 20120501.1733 MDT  
  Just to give you a quick update, I am working with NCF currently. They
  have to track down some COMMS people to figure out how the products are

So, it looks like folks are investigating the problem you reported.  Hopefully,
we will hear more back on this sometime today.


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Ticket ID: IRS-671589
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