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[IDD #GQL-732859]: Effect of government shutdown on IDD feeds

> Hey guys-
Hi Don, 

We can discuss more at lunch as well.
> We're doing contingency planning here for a possible government shutdown
> and were asking NCEP about the stability of datasets during a shutdown.
> It made me think of you guys.


> While I think the NOAAport satellite feed should continue since it feeds
> the NWS offices, I was wondering about conduit (and any other LDM
> systems at government facilities).  Have you been in touch with NCEP/NWS
> as to whether the CONDUIT distribution machines will remain up if the
> government shuts down?

No, at least I have not, maybe Linda has, I 'll check. My thoughts are that 
NCEP is considered
a vital interest and will continue operations, and that would include CONDUIT 

> Things are still up in the air, but if the govt shuts down, we will most
> probably have to turn off our TDS and FTP services.

Why?..is there human intervention needed for these services, aside from 
standard maintenance?

I suspect some IT folks at NOAA may be considered "vital" as well, not sure how 
that plays out.

If the "lock out" goes on for a long time, obviously things will begin to 
crater, but we and NCEP will still be up and running, providing data and 
services to the community.

> Don
> --
> Don Murray
> 303-497-3596
> http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/psd/people/don.murray/

Jeff Weber
Unidata User Support

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