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[IDD #UJG-569115]: Alternate NOAAport data feed

Hi Theo,

> I do administer the systems and network, although another contact would
> be Bruce address@hidden who is our official systems admin.

Very good.  Thanks for the information!

> Actually, nws-ldm1 is not serving NOAAport data.  Our NOAAport host is
> nws-ldm2 (on port 387).


> We are pulling from NCDC however, I believe it is airmass.ncdc.noaa.gov
> (proxy for ncpc1 and 2).  The data gets injected into our LDM instance
> by acqserver instead of a REQUEST statement.

OK, interesting.  We got a request from Alan Hall a few days ago to feed
him (presumably NCDC) the textual/bulletin/point data from NOAAPort.  I
am curious if your request for alternate NOAAPort upstream(s) is related
to Alan's noting that their NOAAPort SBN ingest system failed!?
re: who is your current upstream for NOAAPort
> Airmass.ncdc.noaa.gov

OK, thanks.

re: do you charge for content delivered by NOAAPort

> I believe the answer to that is no.  I do not think we offer any derived
> content datastreams.

Very good.  We want all data delivered by us to be freely available...

re: request to add LDM access to your NEXRAD II top tier relays

> Sorry for that oversight.

No worries.  I had been meaning to contact someone at ERC, but since
our feeds out of Purdue/IRaDS/MAX have been solid, there was no urgency.

> I've uncommented/added the following ALLOW statements in our nws-ldm1,
> nws-ldm2, and the port 387 noaaport instance on nws-ldm2:
> ALLOW   ANY     ^[a-z].*\.unidata\.ucar\.edu\.?$        .*
> ALLOW   ANY     ^[a-z].*\.cise-nsf\.gov\.?$        .*
> Do those ALLOWs work for you?

Yes.  Many thanks for doing this!

> Also, you mentioned rtstats from nws-ldm1, are you getting rtstats for
> nws-ldm2? If not I may need to tweak the config.

Yes, we are getting real-time stats from:


By the way, I want to encourage you to upgrade your LDMs to the most current
supported version, ldm-6.8.1.

> Now that that's out of the way, what prospects are there for finding that
> second NOAAport data feed?

I will add the needed ALLOW as soon as I know the fully-qualified name of
the LDM host you want to have fed.  As a test, I added an allow for any
machine from the .hpcc.ercbroadband.org domain on idd.cise-nsf.gov (our
machine at the NSF facility in Vienna, VA).  Please test to see if you
can feed from this relay:

<as 'ldm'>
notifyme -vl- -f WMO -h idd.cise-nsf.gov

If the machine you need fed is on a different subnet, please let me know
and I will adjust the ALLOW.


- the ALLOW I added should work as long as there is forward and reverse
  DNS for your machine.  If there isn't, we will need to make additional
  modifications on idd.cise-nsf.gov.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


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