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[LDM #EDU-384837]: NEXRAD3 feed

Hi Dave,

> I did some more looking around, and found that NEXRAD3 is not the only feed we
> are missing (just the most obvious one for me to see.)  We are missing the
> nexrad2 feed, and missing chunks of the conduit feed.

Ouch.  This coupled with no change in the NEXRAD3 feed after moving the
request to a machine much closer to you (idd.cise-nsf.gov) suggests that
the problem is close to you, not us.

> Latencies for all feeds
> have gone through the roof, so I suspect the problem is with the network on 
> our
> end.  Is there a way for me to check the latency logs for twister going back 
> to
> Monday the 23rd?  The logs available online only go back one day.

We don't have an interface to "historic" latencies.  We do, however, have
an interface to "historic" volumes:



    Real-Time IDD statistics

      Summary Statistics by Host


The change in the volumes received should indicate when the problem started.

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