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[IDD #JQW-816102]: LDM for AMS

Hi Bradley,

> I work for Raytheon on the AWIPS contract and will be trying to
> coordinate a real-time demo of the AWIPS2 software at the AMS convention
> in Atlanta this year.

This should be very interesting for the conference attendees!

> The AWIPS2 baseline has migrated from proprietary
> in-house NOAAPORT/SBN acquisition software to utilization of the LDM
> code and NOAAport receiver software.  I was wondering if there exists an
> LDM upstream host to which our client can connect and request as much of
> the baseline datafeed as possible (I can provide the exact feeds when/if
> necessary).

I assume you are referring to getting the feeds for the duration of
the AMS conference.  Please let me know if you mean something different.

> If there isn't a local LDM host for the AMS conference, how
> difficult would it be to obtain permission to request pretty much ANY
> product from an upstream LDM?

We would be happy to provide feeds of all non-restricted data to your
machine(s) for demos at the AMS conference.  Please be aware, however,
that there is currently over 4 GB/hr of data flowing through the IDD
on average with peaks approaching 10 GB/hr.  You will need to see if
you can get a big enough pipe in the demo area at the conference to
be able to handle these volumes.  If not, you will need to restrict
which data you request.

> Of course, we wouldn't know the actual
> FQDN of the client until we get into ATL for AMS, which could be an
> issue, but I believe we can at minimum get a static IPADDR.

This is not a problem.  We are willing to setup appropriate LDM allows
by IP address for the duration of AMS demos.

> Thanks for your considerations and time.

No worries.

> Required information per the website below:
> * Site Name: *Bradley Scalio
> *
> * Site Administrator: *Bradley Scalio*
> * Email Address: *address@hidden*
> * Phone Number: *301-713-9344*
> * Fully Qualified Hostname: *Unknown as of right now
> *
> HDS, GRID, NNEXRAD (possible others)*


- both NLDN and USPLN LIGHTNING data are proprietary.  We can not
  provide feeds of these data; only the originators can.

  I can give you the contact names for access to both sets of data
  if you like.  You would then need to contact them and see if
  you can work something out.

- the PCWS data is also proprietary.  NOAA/GSD might would likely
  either feed you the data directly or allow us to relay it to
  you for the demo period

- the feed types that you would likely want to get are listed in
  the following current snapshot of data volumes available in the IDD:

Data Volume Summary for idd.unidata.ucar.edu

Maximum hourly volume   9373.294 M bytes/hour
Average hourly volume   4227.354 M bytes/hour

Average products per hour     186667 prods/hour

Feed                           Average             Maximum     Products
                     (M byte/hour)            (M byte/hour)   number/hour
CONDUIT                1848.762    [ 43.733%]     5515.695    49657.560
NEXRAD2                 791.745    [ 18.729%]     1131.241    40515.560
NGRID                   657.202    [ 15.546%]     1330.766    15420.640
HDS                     243.242    [  5.754%]      449.417    18691.640
FNMOC                   201.380    [  4.764%]     1097.401     2086.600
NEXRAD3                 179.208    [  4.239%]      229.295    27919.320
NIMAGE                  143.688    [  3.399%]      221.400      182.920
FNEXRAD                  56.997    [  1.348%]       69.230       53.120
EXP                      43.218    [  1.022%]       72.734      419.720
IDS|DDPLUS               34.481    [  0.816%]       41.709    31507.360
UNIWISC                  23.222    [  0.549%]       29.204       27.280
GEM                       2.376    [  0.056%]       29.473      163.080
FSL2                      1.834    [  0.043%]        1.948       21.920


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