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[IDD #SBC-168420]: IDD contact list

Hi Dave,

re: regarding your appropriate LDM/IDD contact email address

> Those two email addresses, and another one ("address@hidden"), all
> end up in the same place, so they're interchangeable 99.9% of the time.

Very good.  We will leave it as it stands.

> By the way, I did an erase and install of our LDM server
> (virga.sfsu.edu) yesterday, planning to restore our LDM configuration
> from a backup (along with our Web site, the California Regional
> Weather Server, and the many scripts that contribute to it).
> Unfortunately, the backup was, or became, corrupted, and I'm facing
> the prospect probably of having to configure everything from scratch,
> which could take months (and hundreds of hours for LDM and Web site
> combined, if I could find that much time).

This is TERRIBLE!  Is there any chance that pieces of the backup can
be recovered?  I will ask our system administrators about this tomorrow.

> Last year you helped get our LDM configuration (and udunits, decoders,
> ldm-mcidas) installed and working on virga.sfsu.edu, an Intel Mac
> running Leopard. At any point in our exchanges did you happen to
> acquire a copy of our pqact.conf file and still have it around (say,
> as an email attachment or something?)

After seeing your email a couple of hours ago, I started searching
through all of our email exchanges a year ago February and all of
the email exchanges you had with Steve Emmerson about getting the LDM
running properly under MacOS-X 10.5.x.  The only attachments included
in your messages were ones from 'configure' and 'make' for the LDM
and ldm-mcidas packages.  I apparently did not have occasion to copy
over your ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf or ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf files for close
review.  I am truely sorry that I did not!

> The prospect of relearning all
> the syntactical details of our particular pqact.conf file is really
> daunting, and the file hasn't changed much, if at all, since then.

I understand _completely_!  I would hope that there is some chance
that at least part of the backup you have is still viable.

> (I got ldm-6.7.0 installed OK.

I did logon to virga to take a look around to see if there was any hint
of the old configuration files.  I did not find any...

> As was the case last year, though, I can't get ldm-mcidas to compile
> successfully, though you managed to pull it off for me after getting
> access to the ldm account on virga with superuser privileges. I think
> the only thing that I really wanted in the package was png2area, though.

Correct.  All I did was define needed environment variables and build
ldm-mcidas to the point of being able to create the 'pnga2area' decoder.

> I think I got udunits-2.1.1 installed for the most part, except maybe
> for the absence of udunits.dat (needed for decoders?).

OK.  I will ask Steve Emmerson about UDUNITS tomorrow (he is the support
contact for that package).

> I got netcdf-4.0 installed OK.
> The decoders-5.0.0 installation fails because it can't find the udport
> library.

Robb Kambic is in charge of the decoders package.  I will touch base
with him tomorrow on this.

> So, if you don't have enough to do, I could use some help!

I will keep thinking of places to look for copies of your ldmd.conf and
pqact.conf files.  I don't have much hope, however, as I would not have
needed to make a copy of them on a machine in the unidata.ucar.edu domain
as your problems in February, 2008 were solvable without them.


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