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[IDD #WFA-619667]: Request for CONDUIT feed

Hi Martha,

> Sorry to bother you, but Randy wanted me to ask if you had had a chance
> to think about our NOAAPXCD replacement question [restated below].

Oops, I forgot about the upgrade question...

> We have been discussing future plans for our NOAAPXCD system, and some
> things we believe we need are more disk space, a faster ethernet card,
> more memory, and x64 Linux(which we think that we could run on our
> existing NOAAPXCD).

Did you ever check to see if your Dell 2850 has 64-bit Xeon processors?

> We want to run a THREDDS and/or OpenDap server (and
> it's our understanding that the current THREDDS provides OpenDap
> services; is this correct?)

I believe that this is correct.

> on this system along with the ongoing
> NOAAPort data collection, the CONDUIT data collection, and perhaps
> collection of other products from CONDUIT or other feeds.
> You have seen what our current NOAAPXCD system is like, but if we should
> want to replace it what would you recommend?

Assuming that your intention is to continue to run a dedicated machine for
the NOAAPort ingest, and based on your stated intention of ingesting/processing
more data from the IDD (e.g., CONDUIT) and serving all of it with THREDDS, we
would recommend a machine that is similar to one that is our current toplevel
THREDDS server, motherlode.ucar.edu.

Here's a rundown of the equipment in Motherlode:

Motherboard: One (1) Supermicro X7DWN+ motherboard
CPU:         Two (2) Intel quad core Xeon 2.66 GHz E5430 CPUs w/active cooler
Memory:      Sixteen (16) Crucial 4GB DDR2 5300 FB-DIMM
Disk:        Two (2) 250GB 7200RPM SATA 3.5" drives
Backup Disk: One (1) 250GB 7200RPM SATA 2.5" drive
RAID Controllers:  Two (2) Adaptec RAID 31205 cards
RAID Disk:         Twenty-four (24) Hitachi 1TB 7200RPM 32MB SATAII 3.5" drives
Remote Management: One (1) Supermicro AOC-SIMSO+ IPMI system management card
Remote Management Extension Cable: One (1) Supermicro CBL-0177L IPMI data cable
Extra Cooling:     Four (4) High RPM 92mm fans
Case:              One (1) Guanghsing GHI-583 with 8087 multi-lane, 6 8087-8087 
cables, Socket 771 CPU kit, 1600W PS, 24+8+4+4 power connectors, 
DVD/CDRW, 3.5" drive brackets and rails

We put together this unit for a total cost ~$14K.  Since the unit is held 
with epoxy and cable ties (literally, not figuratively), we would not recommend
this "solution" for sites not ready to jury-rig systems.

A Unidata university member recently sent in the same sort of question as yours.
They are considering the following setup for their machine:

Specs for Dell Energysmart 2950 III that they are thinking of acquiring:

* Processor: Two Quad Core Xeon L5420 (2x6MB Cache, 2.5GHz) 1333MHz FSB
* Memory: 32 GB (8x4GB quad ranked DIMMs)
* Disk: Two 73GB 15k rpm SAS 2.5" (HotPlug) on raid 1
* Raid: Integrated SAS/SATA RAID 1, PERC 6/i Integrated/SAS6/iR
* Controller: PERC6i SAS (256MB cache)
* OS: No floppy drive or OS (we will go with CentOS 5.x)
* Network: Two embedded Broadcom gigabit
* Power: Redundant, dual power cords
* Support: 5 year, NBD onsite

The site reported that this would cost around 6 to 7K.

For your purposes, this kind of machine should be setup with quite a bit
more disk resources.  As you can see from the list of equipment on
motherlode.ucar.edu, we are currently setup for 10 TB of mirrored
disk (if we stop mirroring, we would have 20 TB of disk storage, but
we would lose our redundancy).

One of your current limiting factors is your network bandwidth.  You
may want to start planning on getting a much larger pipe for the data
you want to ingest.

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to open a discussion to see
if you would consider acting as an IDD relay of feeds like CONDUIT, and the
streams from NOAAPort for commercial sites like yourself.  The (perhaps
small) possibility that NGC would act as a relay for CONDUIT data to the
commercial community has _always_ been in the back of my mind as I have
been helping you get running.
> Thanks for your help.

No worries.


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