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After having started for awhile, NOGAPS seems to have stopped again... anyone know a status?



Arthur A. Person
Research Assistant, System Administrator
Penn State Department of Meteorology
email:  address@hidden, phone:  814-863-1563

From address@hidden  Tue Jun 17 12:04:33 2008

Hi Art,

The folks at FNMOC have new equipment coming, along with a new employee to take the place of Phil Sharfstein. As of last week, it sounds like it will be a bumpy road ahead until everything is in place to continue making the NOGAPS and COAMPS data available. Bob Creasey from Naval Postgraduate School is lending a hand with LDM, and Unidata's Jeff Weber has been offering assistance too. It sounds like they need the equipment in place first, before they can do much else. I think it was be sporadic until that happens.

Sorry there's not better news.


Linda Miller - address@hidden
Community Services, Unidata
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
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From address@hidden  Wed Jun 18 06:48:14 2008

WOrking my way thru' yesterday's e-mail. Let me look when I get in, and check some monitoring tools we have, as well.

Gotta run now to get into the office for a meeting.

Gerry Creager -- address@hidden
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