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[IDD #ZSJ-835116]: missing gfs grids on NGRID

Hi Eric,

> We noticed that over the past couple weeks we are getting incomplete
> gfs212 and gfs213 datasets from the NGRID feed.  The exact grids missing
> seem to be random from run to run.  I began saving the aforementioned
> datasets on my desktop at NCAR/RAL to compare with those that were being
> received at COD.  The two datasets had identical sizes at both locations
> so COD net congestion related data loss can be ruled out.
> I'm using the following pqact patterns to file the raw data.
> #GFS 212 grid
> NGRID   ^[LM].R... KWBC (..)(..)(..)
> FILE    /home/data/ngrid/%y%m\1\2\3.gfs212_ngrid
> #GFS 213 grid (NA)
> NGRID   ^[LM].H... KWBC (..)(..)(..)
> FILE    /home/data/ngrid/%y%m\1\2\3.gfs213_ngrid
> Hopefully there is a simple solution (problably one that involves me using
> incorrect patterns!)

We have been working on our NOAAPort ingesters here at UCAR over the past week+
(maybe two weeks; I am not positive), so they have not been providing full
NOAAPort data to the IDD.  This should _not_ have had any impact on the contents
of the various IDD datastreams that originate in NOAAPort, but it apparently 
For some as yet not understood reason, the NOAAPort ingest node at UW/SSEC has
not been ingesting the full complement of data for the NGRID feed.  Also, for
some other as yet not understood reason, the NOAAPort ingester at LSU/SRCC was 
providing the full complement of NGRID data it was receiving to the IDD.
Investigations of these failures are ongoing.

Late last night, we returned our NOAAPort ingesters to full service, and it 
like the IDD NGRID feed is again fully populated.  Please let us know if you
see evidence that this is not the case!

> Thanks for helping with this.

We apologize for the service interruption.  Quite frankly, we did not notice the
problem until you reported it, so your email was most welcome!


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