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20070915: Network outage to UW-Wisconsin...

UNIWISC IDD datstream users and sites feeding from unidata2.ssec.wisc.edu,

The following information was received from Matthew Lazarra of SSEC/AMRC:

  Due to a likely network hardware failure, SSEC lost its connection to
  the internet at approximately 8:20 UTC (3:20 am CDT) on 15 September
  2007.  SSEC network administrators restored connectivity at
  approximagely 16 UTC (11 am CDT).

The outage prevented Unidata-Wisconsin (IDD feedtype UNIWISC) images
from being relayed to IDD downstream recipients, but the images are
available from the Unidata-Wisconsin archive via passworded FTP.

Please review:


for details on how to access the Unidata-Wisconsin datastream archives.


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