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[IDD #MTI-575374]: UBA-PC Problems

Hi Guillermo,

> Well I think I have the 'ldm-6.6.5' and 'GEMPAK5.10.2' configured ok; but
> when I start it, I could see in 'ldmd.log' some errors

It is likely that there may be a small error or two in the setup.  The good
news is that you have now gone through the procedure needed for doing
the software installations and updates:

- register with the Unidata website
- download the package(s)
- build, install and configure the LDM
- install and configure GEMPAK
- run the GEMPAK scripts that create pqact.gempak_xxx files for
  processing data for GEMPAK and lists the ldmd.conf entries to
  use those pqact.gempak_ files

> the following is a
> small list of error/notes/warnings I could see. (I'm also sending the log
> attached just if you want to see it complete).
> /* ************************************************************ */
> /* LDMD.LOG                                                     */
> /* ************************************************************ */
> Jul 24 04:52:29 UNIDATA idd.unidata.ucar.edu[3601] NOTE: Previous
> product-information file ".bcb5580ca7e2d88e9d278fd1669d5b5e.info" doesn't
> exist
> Jul 24 04:52:29 UNIDATA moingobe.cptec.inpe.br[3602] NOTE: Previous
> product-information file ".890d5de0f6cfdab39d4da90f88a1f11d.info" doesn't
> exist
> Jul 24 04:52:29 UNIDATA pqact[3598] WARN: No such file or directory
> Jul 24 04:52:29 UNIDATA pqact[3598] WARN: stateRead(): Couldn't open
> "etc/pqact.gempak_nwx.state"
> Jul 24 04:52:29 UNIDATA pqact[3598] WARN: Previous-state information
> doesn't exist

This seems to indicate that you have an 'exec' entry in ldmd.conf that
says to run pqact using the pattern-action file etc/pqact.gempak_nwx.state,
but that file does not exist.  Did you run the GEMPAK script that creates
the pattern-action files?  If yes, did you tell the script that you wanted
to create separate pattern-action files (recommended)?

> Jul 24 04:52:29 UNIDATA pqact[3608] ERROR: Couldn't exec(xcd_run): No such
> file or directory

This one is easy.  The 'exec "xcd_run MONITOR" line in ldmd.conf is for
running McIDAS ingesters/decoders.  Since you do not have McIDAS installed
yet, simply comment out this line and then restart the LDM.

> Jul 24 04:52:31 UNIDATA pqact[3596] ERROR: pbuf_flush (6) write: Broken pipe
> Jul 24 04:52:31 UNIDATA pqact[3596] ERROR: pipe_put: xcd_runHDS write error

This error is essentially the same as the one previous: McIDAS is not yet 
For this one, comment out the McIDAS XCD processing lines in ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf
and either restart the LDM or send a HUP signal to pqact using 'ldmadmin 

> Jul 24 04:52:31 UNIDATA pqact[3597] ERROR: pipe_put: 
> decoders/dcgrib2-ddata/gempak/logs/dcgrib2_UKMET.log-eGEMTBL=/home/gempak/GEMPAK5.10.2/gempak/tables
> write error

I am not exactly sure what is causing this one.

> Jul 24 04:57:22 UNIDATA pqact[4298] ERROR: Couldn't
> exec(decoders/pnga2area): No such file or directory

This is another simple one.  You have not installed the ldm-mcidas decoders
yet, so 'pnga2area' can not be found.  'pnga2area' should exist in
the ~ldm/decoders directory from your original disk, so all you need
to do is:

- create the ~ldm/decoders directory (create ~ldm/util at the same time)
- make sure that ~ldm/decoders (and ~ldm/util) are in the PATH for your
  'ldm' user
- copy the needed ldm-mcidas decoders ('pnga2area') to the ~ldm/decoders

> /* ************************************************************ */
> For the last error I wrote here, "exec(decoders/pnga2area)" I did a locate
> for 'pnga2area' and I found it in the backups I made, but not in the new
> setup.


> In the backups, this file is inside 'ldm-mcidas', so I think it's from
> mcidas; and so, I will need to install it.

Yes, the directory that the ldm-mcidas package of decoders was unpacked
in was ~ldm/ldm-mcidas/...  The copy of the decoder that was being used
was in ~ldm/decoders.  While restoring 'pnga2area' to the ~ldm/decoders
directory, you must also copy the files SATANNOT and SATBAND from the
ldm-mcidas directory in your backup (subdirectory is 'etc') to the
~ldm/etc directory.

> Question:
> - Is there any way I could be sure I did the setup ok ?

I think you are 99% correct in your installation.

> - I started the service, and see that something is happening.. I can see
> data flowing towards the server; but how do I know the data that is being
> downloaded is ok or not?

The data ingested by the LDM should always be OK.  I think you are asking
how you can verify that you are really receiving the data using the LDM.
There are two ways to list out what is being received by the LDM:

ldmadmin watch

notifyme -vxl- -f <feedype>

Both 'ldmadmin watch' and 'notifyme' take several arguments.  For instance:

ldmadmin watch -f IDS

lists out products from the IDS|DDPLUS feed that are being received.

notifyme -vxl- -f IDS

also will list out products that are being received from the IDS|DDPLUS
datasetream.  Even more useful is:

notifyme -vxl- -f IDS -o 3600

which lists out the IDS|DDPLUS products that you have received in the
last hour (3600 seconds).

To learn more about what you can do with 'ldmadmin', run:

ldmadmin help

To learn more about what you can do with 'notifyme' (a VERY useful command),

man notifyme

(listing out man page entries will work if the ~ldm/man directory has been
added to your MANPATH).

> Thanks again for all your help,

No worries.  I am very happy to hear of the progress that you have made.
After working through the installation and configuration processes, you
should have a better feeling for how things work.  The remaining steps of
figuring out why you are getting errors in your ~ldm/logs/ldmd.log file
will reinforce your understanding for how things should be setup and
configured... you will be come the local expert on whom others will

> PS: If you need access to the server for any reason, just let me know.

I can login and look around if you like.  I am also willing to install
and configure McIDAS as soon as I finish putting together my v2007
distribution and I finish the McIDAS training workshop (the workshop
runs from August 7-10).


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