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[IDD #QRO-177042]: Seeking Conduit data

Hi Ruth,

Sorry for the tardy reply...

> We are currently being fed WMO data from gusher.atmos.albany.edu as our
> primary site and twister.esci.millersville.edu as our secondary site.
> We would like to get the CONDUIT feed, but neither of these sites seem
> to have it.

You can feed CONDUIT data from idd.cise-nsf.gov for the time being.  We
will, however, want to get Penn State to allow you to feed CONDUIT from
their new toplevel IDD relay cluster.  Please send a note to the LDM/IDD
contact at Penn State requesting that your machine be allowed:

"Art Person" <address@hidden>

> We have the ldm running on boreas.gso.uri.edu, and John Merrill is the
> contact person named for our site.
> Trying the following:
> ./notifyme -vxl- -f CONDUIT -h gusher.atmos.albany.edu -o 3600 -p
> "ruc2|mrf|gfs"
> I get:
> notifyme[22635] ERROR: NOTIFYME(gusher.atmos.albany.edu): 7:
> Authentication error; No match for request

OK, your machine is not allowed to request CONDUIT data from gusher.

> If I try a site that has the conduit feed:
> notifyme -vxl- -f CONDUIT -h bigbird.tamu.edu -o 3600 -p "ruc2|mrf|gfs"
> I get a lot of lines like this streaming by:<br>
> notifyme[22634] INFO: d75db1a50cd35b2ff28844ad9de56c54 38910
> 20070615174421.886 CONDUIT 163
> data/nccf/com/ruc/prod/ruc2a.20070615/ruc2.t16z.bgrbf09.grib2
> !grib2/ncep/RUC2/#000/200706151600F009/MIXR/14 - HYBL! 00016

This shows that you could feed from bigbird.tamu.edu.

> I get the same response from millersville as I do from albany, which is
> the error message.

Not allowed.

> Assuming that the output from the site that has the CONDUIT feed means
> that we can receive the conduit feed, is it possible for us to be
> assigned to a new set of upstream sites? How and where should I make
> that request?

Please see above.

> If we only receive the "gfs" portion of the data, are there other
> considerations we need to know about such as what the size of the
> product queue should be? I did look in the support archives, but there
> is a lot on CONDUIT and I'm wondering if there is a better place to
> look.

The best thing to review is the hourly volume statistics for CONDUIT
while remembering that the GFS data dominates the CONDUIT volume:

Unidata HomePage
  Software -> IDD
    Real-Time IDD statistics
      Statistics by host

Take a look at CONDUIT volumes being received on idd.unidata.ucar.edu:


Please be advised that there have been problems in the CONDUIT datastream for
the past couple of days (high latencies).  This problem is actively being 
so you may want to hold off on setting up your CONDUIT feed until they are 
This is not to say that you should hold off on contacting Art Person to get PSU
to allow you to feed from them.

> Thanks for your help,

No worries.


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