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[IDD #VCU-653249]: Data Stream from NCSU

Hi Greg,

> I am the Chief Meteorolgist for WRAL-TV in Raleigh, NC, and
> am in the process of setting up GEMPAK for use as a forecasting tool
> in our office. The broadcast vendors do not make such sophisticated
> data and analysis software available to our community, and since the
> science of meteorology is a priority in our office, I decided this was
> the way to go.

Sounds interesting.

> I have a long history of work with NCSU, including many years of
> internships, and some work with Dr. Gary Lackmann involving a project
> with the MM5, and most recently, developing questions for the new
> Certifed Broadcast Meteorologist exam.

It sounds like you have a good working relationship with NCSU and Gary in

> We currently do not have an
> internship program, as our management insists on paying our interns as
> opposed to working out a college credit exchange.
> In an effort to save some money wherever they could, our management
> decided to cut the program, at least for now.

This is a shame.

> I also have been involved
> with The School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at NCSU, producing
> a video which they used to get the word out about their School, and to
> generate interest about what they are doing. The Department head, John
> Fountain, can tell you more about that, and the long relationship that
> WRAL has with NCSU. I hope you will consider allowing us to tap into their
> datastream in order to allow WRAL to improve its forecasting capabilities.

There is no prohibition that would bar a Unidata community member like
NCSU from feeding you any/all of the unrestricted datafeeds available in
the Unidata IDD.  This would include the great majority of the most popular
datastreams, but it explicitly excludes data streams that are sent
point-to-point.  The restricted feeds include, but are not limited to:

NLDN Lightning
CMC GEM data
WSI radar data

> Thanks for your consideration!

It is up to NCSU to decide if it wants to take on the job of feeding
WRAL unrestricted IDD data.  Two of the considerations that they will
have to weigh:

- the use of their network bandwidth

- provision of support for the data feed process (i.e., NCSU would be your
  primary point of contact for support issues, not the Unidata Program

> Greg Fishel
> Chief Meteorologist
> Raleigh, NC
> address@hidden


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