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[TIGGE #LGY-600646]: Re: Missing fields from CMA


You wrote:

>I do not understand this point. CMA is not requesting BABJ data (in the
>same manner ECMWF is not requesting ECMWF/EGRR/RJTD data nor NCAR is
>requesting KWBC data). Could you, please, clarify this point ?

This comment was based on a period when ECMWF had FTP'd some data from CMA and
was inserting it at tigge-ldm.ecmwf.int with the babj headers. We understand 
that this
is not happening currently.

The point is correct that CMA does not request data with babj headers,
so when we looked at data volumes originating at ECMWF, they were much
larger than what CMA was receiving. This was correct behavior, but lead
to some periods of time when little to no data originating from 
was arriving at CMA when looking at volume plots. The original assumption was 
something must be wrong with the LDM when volume plots for CMA showed little 
data arriving from ECMWF or NCAR, however after verifying that the only data 
from ECMWF and NCAR had babj headers, we would see this was appropriate.

The pacing of babj data into the queue at ECMWF to maintain proper data rates
meant that there were no products with ecmf or egrr headers for which CMA's
request lines were matching.

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

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