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[TIGGE #LGY-600646]: Re: Missing fields from CMA


> >   3. There are two large users of the 100 Mbps link from CMA to CSTNET, 
> > those
> >      being FTP and LDM.  FTP uses 0.75 GB/hr for 2 hours 4 times a day.

> We are not currently FTPing any data from CMA, we stopped last week.

We were told by CMA that the FTP activity on the CMA/CSTNET segment
is unrelated to TIGGE.

> Can this queue size be computed according to the amount of data outlined
> above ? Please, include the algorithm used, so when we add new partners
> we know how to increase the queue size.

The expression for the minimum size of the product-queue is

    t * r


    t = The minimum, desired, residency time of a
        data-product in the product-queue (e.g.
        1 hr).
    r = The maximum rate at which data arrives over
        any time-interval "t" (e.g., 12 GB/h)

Plugging-in the example values gives a minimum size of
12 GB.

Steve Emmerson

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