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[IDD #LIO-425621]: NOAAport feed via Internet if SBN goes down?

Hi Gilbert,

re: NOAAPORT problems
> And as I type this, we are hour 17 into this. Yikes!

Yes, this is a serious situation.

re: what is you theory about the outage
> I broke down and explained on the LDM-users list. It's happened once
> before.

I saw your note to ldm-users.  I think that there is something else going on.

re: the NWS does not send all the GTS data in NOAAPORT
> Such as? And is this a function of permissions between countires, or
> bandwidth, or somthing else?

I believe the original reason (pre-DVBS) was bandwidth.  I would suspect that
the current reason is that the data being left out are not required for
operational use of NOAAPORT by the NWS.  The contents of NOAAPORT are completely
governed by operational requirements.

re: Money, money, money.
> That's what I figured.

> Do you know if NOAA Weather Wire Service (NWWS) was affected; I am
> guessing so, since they beam it to California via satellite. I used to
> have a backup NWWS feed several years ago, but that has since gone away.

I saw a comment that EMWIN was not affected.

> In any case, if it DID affect NWWS, I think they should have redundancy in
> place if the "bird" goes down. TV stations in Texas showing radars of
> storms missed tornado warnings, I am sure, since many don't want a beeping
> weather radio on-air. Unless, of course, DTN, WSI et al get their feed via
> landline.

I am sure that the NWS is taking this situation as seriously as possible.


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