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[TIGGE #YSF-211129]: TCP tuning for TIGGE tuning

Hi YangXin,

That's great news!  As soon as we have accounts in place at all the transfer 
hopefully we could complete testing in a few weeks.  Please allow access from 
system zero.unidata.ucar.edu (  

Thanks for the bandwidth information and the account access!

Best Regards,


> Hi, Mike,
> Usually, users from internet are not allowed to directly access systems with 
> our DMZ, 
> but our networking division told me they can temporarily authorize the SSH 
> permission 
> for a period of time during which you help us to test the data transfer.
> Would you please provide us two information:
> 1. How much time do you need to do it? A few days, or a few weeks?
> 2. The Global IP Address of the machine which you use to access our system.
> Sun Haiyan, who is working for our networking division, has been involved in 
> the work 
> of TIGGE Program in CMA. She told me that the bandwidth between my LDM Server 
> machine 
> and ISP is 100Mbps.
> Thank you.
> Regards,
> YangXin,
> Mar 1.
> ======= 2007-02-21 09:15:16 you wrote: =======
> >Hi YangXin,
> >
> >Would it be possible for me to have access to an account on your tigge 
> >system for testing?  Ideally, it would be
> >useful for me to have an account on all three tigge nodes exchanging data.  
> >I can make good progress with a user
> >level account, but the ability to su/sudo root would also be helpful.
> >
> >If you know or could inquire about the network connections (bandwidth) this 
> >machine has to your network and to
> >the external network, that information would be valuable?
> >
> >For now, it should be safe to leave the changed kernel variables in place.
> >
> >mike

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