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Re: LDM host change

It looks like everything is OK on our new LDM machine Augustine. I turned off the LDM on squarepeg.



Rob Cermak wrote:

I added augustine and the IP currently associated with the name.

Be aware, they are planning a 2 hour shutdown of power of West Ridge. You may or may not know about it. It was suppose to be today and my latest information is that it is scheduled for 5:30 am on Tues Feb 14th. Purpose: Hookup the new UAF Museum up to its proper power source.

Expect a loss of data since the outage is planned to be longer than 1 hour. I'm out of town, but watching the systems and email remotely. Will return tomorrow evening and be available Friday if there are any questions.


On Wed, 8 Feb 2006, Rorik Peterson wrote:

I want to change my LDM from squarepeg.net.images.alaska.edu to augustine.net.images.alaska.edu. I'm currently getting all my feeds from you: CONDUIT, HDS, FNMOC and UNIWISC. They are both still running, I'll shut squarepeg down when the new system appears to be working ok.



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