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20051013:Who's in charge of eldm and eldm2?

Hi Chris,

We (Unidata) have an allow for "shemp.unidata.ucar.edu" for FSL* feeds.

It would be in our best interest to have a more global allow, something
akin to:

allow  [feedtype]  \.unidata\.ucar\.edu$

I "believe" you have an allow for shemp for FSL2 and PCWS, since PCWS is a
propriatry feed ( and we do not propogate), we do not expect an open allow
for that feed, but it would be very helpful to have it for FSL2.

This would allow us to bring up and down machines without requesting
changes every time to FSL.

Shemp is certainly not operational, and we do bring it up and down, and as
we begin feeding and delivering products such as RASS data, and soon RSAS
init fields, we feel it is in the best interest of the community for us to
be more nimble with our ingest machine(s). We would not draw more than one
feed at a time ( we care about bandwidth usage as well ), so it should not
have any negative impact on your operations.

Hope this is amenable to you folks....


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