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20050812: radar lag? (cont.)

>From: Brendon Hoch <address@hidden>
>Organization: Plymouth State University
>Keywords: 200508121359.j7CDxFjo001287 IDD FNEXRAD latency pqact kill -USR2

Hi Brendon,

>Perhaps I should have been a bit more specific.  We ingest FNEXRAD on 
>pscwx, which then feeds typhoon.  It is on typhoon where we are seeing 
>the latency:
> h.edu

Interesting.  I see that the latency started to be an issue at about
20 UTC on the 10th.  Did anything happen at our about that time on

>I pointed typhoon's FNEXRAD feed to atm.nsf.geo.gov and restarted ldm, 
>that seems to have caught things up.

Very interesting.  It is unusual to see the latency between machines
in a department being orders of magnitude higher than to external


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