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20050331: ldm on unidata2 now using dvb1 as primary

>From: Jerrold Robaidek <address@hidden>
>Organization: UW/SSEC
>Keywords: 200503312042.j2VKgsv2027409 IDD feed requests

Hi Jerry,

>At 20:40 UTC the ldm on unidata2 was switch to use dvb1 instead of sunshine as
>the primary feed for NOAAport data.

Thanks for updating NOAAPORT ingest on unidata2.

I just reviewed the request lines on unidata2, and would like to see some
changes made:


request IDS|DDPLUS      ".*" dvb1.ssec.wisc.edu PRIMARY
request HDS     ".*" dvb1.ssec.wisc.edu PRIMARY
request NNEXRAD ".*" dvb1.ssec.wisc.edu PRIMARY


request ANY     ".*"    dvb1.ssec.wisc.edu      PRIMARY

This is much more efficient in that it decreases the load on both
dvb1 and unidata2.

Also change:

request IDS|DDPLUS      ".*" thelma.ucar.edu ALTERNATE
request HDS     ".*" thelma.ucar.edu ALTERNATE
request NNEXRAD ".*" thelma.ucar.edu ALTERNATE
request FNEXRAD ".*" thelma.ucar.edu PRIMARY


request WMO|NGRID       ".*"    thelma.ucar.edu PRIMARY
request NNEXRAD|FNEXRAD ".*"    thelma.ucar.edu PRIMARY

The futzing with PRIMARY versus ALTERNATE feed types will go away with
the next release of the LDM since both the upstream and downstream
machines will be able to initiate a change in feed priority based on
data transmission and reception, respectively, metrics.

Since thelma requests DIFAX from mapmaker.aos.wisc.edu, I don't see any
benefit from redundantly feeding from thelma, so


request DIFAX   ".*" mapmaker.aos.wisc.edu PRIMARY
request DIFAX   ".*" thelma.ucar.edu ALTERNATE
request NLDN    ".*" striker2.atmos.albany.edu


request DIFAX   ".*" mapmaker.aos.wisc.edu PRIMARY
request NLDN    ".*" striker2.atmos.albany.edu  PRIMARY

If you would rather that I make the changes, please let me know.


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