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20041228: HDS products


Our DVB-S test noaaport ingest system was restarted yesterday which
allowed some products from the current nwstg channel with new 
/m metatags in the HDS data stream.

I have restored the system and the tags should be as previous.

Now, since the subject has been brought up...

At present, the ETA products in the HDS data stream have
a /mETA string appended to the LDM product header. This will be
changing to /mNAM. The former AVN products (now called GFS)
have been tagged /mAVN and /mSSIAVN. These will change to
/mGFS and /mSSIGFS. We will announce a time when these headers
will change, which will be implemented at all the ingest locations for
HDS within the IDD.

In the mean time, if you currently have patterns with /mETA, you can
update these to /m(ETA|NAM) to work under either convention.
Similarly, /m(AVN|SSIAVN) can be updated to /m(AVN|SSIAVN|GFS|SSIGFS).

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

On Tue, 2004-12-28 at 11:32, Mike Voss wrote:
> Has the HDS data feed has changed recently. I'm not decoding 
> any of the ETA or AVN grids since 12/28 at 00Z. I have done limited 
> trouble shooting because I'm on vacation, but at least I know the HDS 
> feed is flowing, my disks aren't full, all my other data is being filed 
> and decoded properly.
> So, before I waste time, I thought I would check to see if anything has 
> changed. I know the Conduit feed changed the ETA to NAM and AVN to GFS, 
> but the HDS names stayed the same, yes?
> thanks,
> -Mike
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