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Re: 20041027:Level II Feed

We appear to be back up and running. I've upgraded, per Steve Emmereson, to LDM 6.1.0.

I've added gusher to the allows.


Jeff Weber wrote:
Hi Kevin,

I believe that Brendon Hoch is now handling the LDM at Plymouth, Jim can
you supply his e-mail...or correct me if wrong :)


What is the status of your CRAFT feed:

(jweber) laraine:/home/jweber 18 % notifyme -vl - -h bigbird.tamu.edu -f NEXRD2
Oct 27 18:36:03 notifyme[18478]: Starting Up: bigbird.tamu.edu:
20041027183603.714 TS_ENDT {{CRAFT,  ".*"}}
Oct 27 18:36:03 notifyme[18478]: NOTIFYME(bigbird.tamu.edu): OK
^COct 27 18:36:27 notifyme[18478]: Interrupt
Oct 27 18:36:27 notifyme[18478]: exiting

So what we are looking for is an:

allow     CRAFT  ".*"  gusher.atmos.albany.edu

from storm.plymouth.edu

and/or bigbird.tamu.edu

Thanks everyone!

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On Wed, 27 Oct 2004, Unidata Support wrote:

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From: "Kevin R. Tyle" <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: 20040821: Level II Radar (was: Re: NNEXRAD Feed)
Organization: UCAR/Unidata
Keywords: 200410271757.i9RHvbvV013809

I'm once again revisiting our ingestion of CRAFT data; prior to today,
I hadn't done any work on this since the email of 8/21 (see below).

First, assuming the topology has not changed, could Jim Koermer
please add an "allow" for "gusher.atmos.albany.edu" to
receive the CRAFT feed from storm.plymouth.edu?

Secondly, I ran a notifyme to "bigbird.tamu.edu" to see what might
be coming in on CRAFT--I didn't see any products stream through.

Thanks to all parties for checking . . .


Kevin Tyle, Systems Administrator               **********************
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On Sat, 21 Aug 2004, Unidata Support wrote:

From: "Kevin R. Tyle" <address@hidden>
Organization: SUNY Albany
Keywords: 200408211604.i7LG4YXn021535 IDD CRAFT

Hi Kevin,

This reminds me, we still have not begun receiving Level II
data.  A few months ago, Jeff Weber had mentioned that they
were still working on finalizing the Level II topology.  I
assume that has been done?  Whom should we use as our
top-level Level II sites (primary / secondary)?

First, let me apologize for not having gotten back to you on this.

Please use storm.plymouth.edu as your primary feed site.  Also, please
use bigbird.tamu.edu as your secondary feed site for the moment.  Your
secondary feed site _will_ change in the future.

The topology for the CRAFT data relay is still not finished mainly
because the top tier sites selected by the NWS are not yet _fully_
functional ("operational") and because some Unidata universities are
still considering whether or not they have the capacity to relay all of
the CRAFT data.  TAMU is not in the latter category, however, nor
is Plymouth State.

Gerry:  maybe we can use TAMU for Level II until we hear what
our preferred upstream sites will be.  Can you let us know how we
should configure our ldmd.conf to receive the feed?

The request line in ldmd.conf will look like:

request CRAFT   ".*"  storm.plymouth.edu      PRIMARY

If you want to receive a subset of the feed, you should use the LDM
'notifyme' utility to see what the CRAFT product headers look like:

notifyme -vxl- -f CRAFT -o 3600 -h storm.plymouth.edu

and then create a regular expression that gets the station(s)
you need.  Here is one example that gets all the CRAFT data
from the KFTG and KAMA NEXRADs:

request CRAFT   "K(FTG|AMA)"  storm.plymouth.edu

One word of caution.  storm.plymouth.edu is being fed from the top
level NWS relay at the GigaPoP at the University of Maryland (the
MAX).  It, in turn, is receiving data from the NWS topology which
includes just those stations that are running Build 5 software.  This
is still a subset of the stations being gathered by the CRAFT network,
so some stations may be missing from the feed that Plymouth is
ingesting.  TAMU, on the other hand, is feeding all CRAFT stations from
OU.  So, until the NWS gets all stations onto their distribution
network, you may be better off feeding from TAMU (bigbird.tamu.edu)
than Plymouth (storm.plymouth.edu).

Many thanks are owed to Gerry Creager of TAMU and Jim Koermer of
Plymouth State for their agreeing to act as second tier relay nodes for
the Level II data!  This is a non-trivial undertaking!!


No worries.


Gerry Creager -- address@hidden
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