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20040428: CSU machine name

>From: ygcho <address@hidden>
>Organization: CSU/ECE
>Keywords: 200404082109.i38L9vCT021391 IDD CRAFT LDM

Hi Yoong-Goog,

>I am Yoong-Goog from CSU.
>I really appreciate your kind reply.
>The computer name is "pikes.engr.colostate.edu".

OK.  I just verified that forward and reverse name lookup are available
for this machine.

>Once you are ready to provide the KCYS and KFTG NEXRD Level 2 data, I am
>going to change configuration in the 'ldmd.conf' file.

We are ready for you to make this change in ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf.  Please
remember that after making any changes in ldmd.conf, you must stop and
restart your LDM for the change to take effect:

ldmadmin stop
<wait until all LDM processes have exited>
ldmadmin start

If the LDM does not start, it most likely means that you made a typo in
ldmd.conf.  The line containing the typo should be shown as one of the
last entries in your ~ldm/logs/ldmd.log file.

One additional request.  Relaying data effectively depends on both the
upstream and downstream machines' LDM staying up.  Stopping and
restarting a downstream LDM frequently causes the load on the upstream
machine to go up and can affect its ability to relay data to other
downstream machines.  So, please do "bounce" (stop and restart) your
LDM without good reason.  Back in the era of LDM-5, Some sites went as
far as adding LDM stops and restarts to cron jobs.  This is not needed
or desired with LDM-6.  If you find that you have problems receiving
data with your LDM, please contact us so we can help you troubleshoot
the cause of your problem.

Thanks in advance...

>Thanks again.

No worries.


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>From address@hidden  Wed Apr 28 14:19:09 2004

Hi Tom,

The NEXRD level 2 data transmission from 'thelma' has been confirmed.
We really appreciate your help.

Best Regards,


CC: Dr. Chandrasekar