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20040408: CRAFT data availability

>From: ygcho <address@hidden>
>Organization: Colorado State University 
>Keywords: 200404082109.i38L9vCT021391 IDD CRAFT


>I really appreciate your information.
>I got the ICD and have been reading the document.
>Currently the NEXRAD Level 2 data from Cheyenne (KCYS) and Denver (KFTG) are 
>delivered to our lab through a LDM server that is running at the Dept. of 
>Atmospheric Science of CSU.

We have tried to contact the LDM administrator for the DAS at CSU
several times to get her/him to set the clock on the machine running
the LDM, sunset.atmos.colostate.edu, more frequently than once per day
-- we recommend that the clock get set 4 times per hour on PC
machines..  So far, we have been unsuccessful in getting this simple
change implemented.

>However, to improve the connection stability we are interested in connecting 
>to directly the master LDM servers of two NEXRADs.

Your comment seems to indicate that you have been having a problem
getting the data from the DAS. Is this the case?

>If you are aware of the CRAFT network for the data transmission, please inform
>me of the master LDM servers and contact person.

The DAS is getting the CRAFT data from the Unidata-maintained, top
level IDD relay node, thelma.ucar.edu.  Thelma gets the CRAFT data from
the University of Oklahoma and relays it with no addition in latency.
Again, are you seeing problems with the data reception at the CSU/DAS?
If yes, then the solution would be to help us contact LDM administrator
for that machine and get their LDM data tuned.

>Otherwise, I would be happy if I can get information regarding contact person 
>who is familiar with the network.

We are familiar with the CRAFT network.  What further information can
we provide?

>Yoong-Goog Cho


Tom Yoksas
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