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20031009: upgrade to 6.0.14 (cont.)

>From: "Kevin W. Thomas" <address@hidden>
>Organization: OU/CAPS
>Keywords: 200309300045.h8U0jvk1023216 IDD LDM upgrade

Hi Kevin,

re: please report realtime stats
>I left it in the file uncommented, so you should be getting the stats.

OK, the stats are now showing up in our real time stats pages.  A quick
look at the topology link for munchkin:

Real-Time IDD statistics

  Statistics by Host

    munchkin.caps.ou.edu [ 6.0.14 ]
Clicking on any of the 'topology' links shows that munchkin is
requesting data from its upstream hosts by IP number, not by fully
qualified hostname.  While this works, it limits our ability to
calculate differential latencies (latencies from you to your immediate
upstream feed site; from your immediate feed site to its immediate
upstream feed site; etc.) and to depict the full path the data took
between injection into the IDD and you.

You can see that the CONDUIT feed topology from thelma to munchkin
shows that the upstream feeder is  If you change your
request from thelma's IP to its fully qualified hostname,
thelma.ucar.edu, the topology page would show a link to thelma, and
clicking on the link would show the latency from thelma to you.  Also,
you would be able to see where thelma was getting its feed, and so on
as long as the request for the feed on each machine in the chain is by
fully qualified hostname AND that host is reporting real time

So, for the feeds you are receiving from Unidata IDD nodes (like
thelma.ucar.edu), we would appreciate you changing your request line
from IP address to fully qualified hostname in ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf.
Again, any time a change is made in ldmd.conf, the LDM has to be
stopped and restarted for the change to take effect.

Thanks for your help!


>From address@hidden Thu Oct  9 17:14:28 2003


A long time ago, I was told to use IP's instead of machine names due to
problems with DNS.  It is obvious that the problems no longer exist.  I've
switched to machine names for munchkin/winkie.caps.ou.  The only exception is
the CRAFT names.  IP's are much easier here.  Since the CRAFT computers are
next to WINKIE/MUNCHKIN, I don't think have I have to worry about any latency

        Kevin W. Thomas
        Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms
        University of Oklahoma
        Norman, Oklahoma
        Email:  address@hidden