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Re: Radar mosaics


I have gdradr which produces the grid, and nex2gini which
greates the 1km national image in gini format (with the option
of using PNG compression for the image raster which makes the images only
about 1-2Mb instead of 14Mb....we have a decoder pngg2gini to uncompress on
the downstream end....or my GEMPAK will view the data in the
compressed form as well.

The ADDE server can serve the uncompressed GINI into AREA format which
Tom Yoksas does to create the AREA file (both are in the FNEXRAD data feed
we provide to the IDD).

I also created a program nex2img which creates a GIF at present (with the idea
that it will also support GEOtif in the future. U Iowa is using this to serve up
some of their GIS data with the radar.

All programs are part of my GEMPAK distribution. Also, when I release our
5.6.K, Level II data will also be supported.

Steve Chiswell

On Fri, 8 Aug 2003, Gregory Grosshans wrote:

> Steve,
> Some time ago we emailed about the gdradr program you created.  I have a
> couple of related questions.
> Bob Rabin at NSSL can obtain 1km national mosaic bref imagery in AREA
> file format from a McIDAS ADDE server, I belive at UNIDATA.  Does gdradr
> software also output to AREA file format?
> I'm aware that gdradr outputs in gridded format, does it also generate
> an image output (e.g. RLE or GINI)?
> Thanks,
> Gregg