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20030304: Machines still down/unreachable

>From:  Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization:  NIU
>Keywords:  200303041845.h24Ijx303147 IDD


>I tried to feed off of sunset.meteor.wisc.edu, but got only IDS|DDPLUS. 
>sunshine.ssec.wisc.edu is still dead, that was an awesome feed...
>did that change?

Feeds from sunshine.ssec.wisc.edu will not be returning.  We are attempting
to take feeds off of NOAAPORT ingest machines and move them to top level
relay sites.  The SSEC top level relay site is unidata2.ssec.wisc.edu.

>I can't reach any machine to LSU from weather2.admin.niu.edu 
>(maybe not allowed, but I thought I was). And UIUC is still down at 
>18:35Z. I'm on Duke power and getting everything but McIDAS|DIFAX...can't 
>remember who I flipped to for that. Anyway...that's coming in fine, too.
>Wait...it must be a big snowstorm about to happen. Let me check... ;-)

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