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Re: UNIDATA request

Hello Nathaniel, 

Yes, this sounds very exciting.

Welcome aboard!

I suspect we would have you feeding your data from SIO, they are our main
hub in that region.

I will need:

Fully qualified domain name of the machine you will be running your LDM

The name of the soul who will be responsible for maintaining the feed and
the phone and e-mail contacts..

Please see:


for download and other info for the LDM as well as what "feedtypes" you
will desire.

Once you have installed the LDM we can contact SIO and begin the data

Thank you and please do not hesitate with any questions,

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Jeff Weber                                    address@hidden
Unidata Support                               PH:303-497-8676 
COMET Case Study Library                      FX:303-497-8690
University Corp for Atmospheric Research      3300 Mitchell Ln
http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/staff/jweber      Boulder,Co 80307-3000
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On Fri, 18 Oct 2002, Unidata Support wrote:

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> >From: "Nathaniel Clark" <address@hidden>
> >Subject: UNIDATA request
> >Organization: UCAR/Unidata
> >Keywords: 200210181900.g9IJ0k101225
> Good morning,
> I am a researcher in the Visual Arts/Computing department at the University
> of California, San Diego, and have in the recent past been working with
> data-based art (visualization and sonification of data streams), most
> particularly with weather information.
> Up until this point I have gleaned data from weather-related internet sites,
> but i am interested in obtaining more, and more detailed, weather
> information, as close to real-time as possible.
> I have looked over the Unidata site and was wondering if it would be
> possible to become a member and receive the Unidata data-stream, and if
> possible what that might entail for an individual at a research university.
> I am aware that the Scripps School of Oceanography is listed among your
> Unidata community; I did not find explicit information on restrictions per
> university, or any encouraged sharing, but I am also willing to get in
> contact with SIO, should that be necessary.
> Any and all information/help will be greatly appreciated. If you need
> further clarification of my purpose, I will gladly provide that as well.
> Thank you,
> Nathaniel Clark
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