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20020523: New LDM Server at Lyndon State College

>From: "Steven E. McKee" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Lyndon State College
>Keywords: 200205231332.g4NDWoa01355 IDD LDM


>At LSC we are in the process of building a new LDM on our new server 
>foxfire.lsc.vsc.edu (  For testing we would like to receive 
>data directly from Unidata.   Presently we are feeding the new LDM from our 
>server cirrus.lsc.vsc.edu ( LDM.  Our server cirrus has become 
>very unstable for the last few months, is it possible we could receive data 
>for both cirrus and foxfire until foxfire's LDM has been configured and 

Depending on how long the test needs to run, the answer is yes, a
second feed to Lyndon can be arranged.  You must remember, however,
that this will affect your network since twice the amount of data will
be flowing to you.

>Does foxfire need to be in VSC's DNS server before we can receive 
>data or does Unidata serve data by address?

Part of the LDM security is provided by doing both forward and reverse
name lookups for machines requesting feeds.  This is best done when the
machine is well known to DNS.  It can be gotten around on the serving
machine by specifying the name/IP combination in /etc/hosts.  This is
not a reliable long term solution, however, since the server machine
has no knowledge of when a site decides to change the receipt machine's
name and/or IP.

I setup a machine that is under our control to allow foxfire to request
all datastreams except those that are required to be send point-to-point
(NLDN, WSI).  Please see if this machine will allow requests for feeds
as follows:

<login to foxfire as 'ldm'>
notifyme -vxl- -f ANY -h atm.geo.nsf.gov

Your request will in the least be relcassed (since you will be denied
feed of NLDN and WSI), but it should work other than that.

Please let me know the results of the notifyme invocation.

Also, when do you envision running the test, and how long do you want
to run it?

Tom Yoksas