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20020302: LDM feed from papagayo (cont.)

>From: "Kevin Polston" <address@hidden>
>Organization: NOAA/NWS
>Keywords: 200203011742.g21HgVx04774


>LDM is running but it is once again runnign roughly an hour behind
>actual time. I am not sure if it is me just getting things started or if
>the feeds are slow once again at papagayo.  As of this writing here is
>the status of some of the data I am viewing on NMAP2:  

Since the LDM will request data products an hour hold, if your LDM has
been down for an hour it will have to transfer hour old data followed
by current data.  I think that this is what you may be seeing.

>Surface data - seems to be roughly about an hour behind actual time...it
>might be a little bit quicker but I can't say for sure yet.
>Satellite Imagery - I have 1 frame from GOES-8 for the 1km VIS at 1900
>For GOES-10 I have 4 frames now with the latest being 1915.  The actual
>time now is 2039.
>Radar data - I have a loop going from SHV and the latest image I have
>from them is 1935...although I have several frames. So it appears at
>least I got data but now it is behind somewhat.
>Profiler Data - The last obs I have are from 1400 today. Nothing since.
>Now that I think about it those might have been some obs I ftp'd
>earlier...so if thats the case then no profiler data as of yet. 

Same comment as above for all of these.

>I suppose it's similar to when I first got things running before.  I'll
>keep an eye on it and see if it doesn't pick up some here later this
>afternoon. Just thought I would let you know.


>Still waiting on the snow! Hope it comes. Definitely much better than
>the ice we had from our last big event.

We got quite a bit AND it is cold!



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