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20020301: LDM feed from papagayo

>From: "Kevin Polston" <address@hidden>
>Organization: NOAA/NWS
>Keywords: 200203011742.g21HgVx04774

>Hi!  I haved finished moving and here is the IP address for the machine.
>It is.....   mkc-65-30-96-123.kc.rr.com


>Let me know when you get that set up for papagayo and I will start up

I logged onto papagayo and after verifing forward and reverse name lookup
for the new address, I changed the ldmd.conf entry and stopped and restarted
its LDM.  Have at it.

>I initiated a cron to FTP just 4km IR data from GOES-8 until I had
>the LDM running again. I will turn it off asap as soon as I hear from

This should have been fairly quick and easy.

>Looks like it is good timing since a big snowstorm is on the way
>and possible severe in the gulf coast states.

It just came through here.  Winter at last!

>Also, I plan on
>subscribing to the LDM mailing list this afternoon. So while I may not
>be a "power user" yet I will be trying to get to the "next level"  :-)

Sounds good!

>I'll let you know how things are going....hopefully later this



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