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20020115: EMERGENCY!!!!!!

>From: Harry Edmon <address@hidden>
>Organization: U. Washington
>Keywords: 200201151644.g0FGi9x08803 IDD


Sorry to not have been able to respond to this immediately, but we are
at the AMS conference in Orlando, and getting into the exhibit hall has
been a real pain!

>Can you help me with my problem with motherlode and air.  I am getting NO data
>from motherlode.

I added air to the list of UW machines allowed in motherlode's ldmd.conf
file a couple of minutes ago.  Please send and email to let us know if
you are getting data or not. I will try and get back in to check for
your message.  If you continue to have problems, please email Russ
(address@hidden) since he should be at the office. If Russ is
not there, try Steve Emmerson (address@hidden).

Again, sorry this took so long!


>From address@hidden Tue Jan 15 11:30:35 2002

It is working now.  Thanks.

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