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Re: frost is moving

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for the heads up and the update regarding the stats.  I'll
discuss frost's relocation with my team.  I know that having well
connected sites in the East was important for us, so we may rethink the
topology a bit.  

Would you please send me frost's ldmd.conf file so I can see who is
allowed to connect?  And, would you please grep through your logs for
"Connect" so I can see who is actually connecting?

Thanks again!



Jeff Masters wrote:
> Hi Anne, frost is probably moving this weekend to colo.com, a new
> co-location facility in Silicon Valley. Our old provider (Exodus) has gone
> Chapter 11 and is charging too much, so we are moving almost all of our
> machines this weekend. ingestor.wunderground.com is not moving, as we have
> no place to move our NOAAPORT dish to as yet; I will keep you posted on
> this.
> If you want some ideas about latencies, I can run some tests from
> whirlpool.wunderground.com, which is already at the new facility.
> I did a
> allow   ANY     ^[a-z].*\.unidata\.ucar\.edu$
> in the ldmd.conf file for you.
> Hmm, perhaps we should leave frost at the old facility to avoid sending
> the full FNEXRAD feed across the bridge between the 2 data centers, then
> out to the IDD. I have been sending only the level 0 reflectivities across
> for now since that is all we are using on our web site.
> The stats will have to wait until we are moved into the new data center. I
> have been dragging my heels on this, since no one in our group is very
> good at sendmail configuration, and we have gotten burned by being used as
> a email spam relay in the past. However, I will dig into sendmail when I
> get a chance and get the stats working.
> Jeff
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>  On Fri, 5 Oct 2001, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > Hi Jeff,
> >
> > I hope you are doing well.
> >
> > We are doing some work here on improving our latency calculations.
> > Ultimately we hope that this may lead to some more dynamic routing.  Or,
> > at least sites may be able to pick an upstream feed having a better path
> > to their site.
> >
> > Our latency calculations are based on sites sending statistics to us.
> > However, your two machines, frost and ingestor, are not sending them.
> > Would you please invoke that?  There are two parts.  First, pqbinstats
> > must be running in order to generate the stats files.  The line 'exec
> > pqbinstats' should be in your ldmd.conf file so that pqbinstats will be
> > invoked when the ldm is started.  The second part is a cron job that
> > mails the stats to us once per hour.  Instructions for setting up the
> > cron job are available at
> > http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/packages/ldm/ldmConfigInstallList.html#s7.
> > Forgive me if I'm telling you things you already know.
> >
> > Also, we are having trouble with our ingest system tossing products on
> > the floor because it thinks they are not of the correct format.  Yet, we
> > know that the products are ok because our other ingest system, which
> > feeds from the very same stream, handles them properly.  We're wondering
> > if the other ingest sites that are running the SSEC ingest system are
> > experiencing the same problem.  Would you please send us a copy of your
> > ldmd.log for today?  I assume we want the logs from ingestor, that being
> > the ingest machine and not frost.  And, what version of the SSEC ingest
> > software are you running?
> >
> > Thank you for your attention.  My apologies for adding to your workload.
> >
> > Sincerely,
> > Anne
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