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Re: LDM/CRAFT distribution


I have been receiving the LDM level 2, fed from OU, since mid-june,
using it for various demonstration and development purposes at
NWS headquarters. I was receiving the entire distribution (20 sites)
only because it was available and made for a nice demonstration
and development environment.

We have developed the capability here to selectively feed Nexrad
ORPG clone systems with LDM received base data and generate
Nexrad products from the data.  The capability is used strictly for
development, demonstration and prototyping, not operationally.

I completely agree that NCDC should not be expected to routinely
feed sites, and certainly should not be making any exceptions just
to feed our HQ site.

I would like to receive LDM base data, for some specific activities,
from KTLX, Norman, since it is a BDDS site, KAKQ, Wakefield, VA.
since HQ AWIPS systems all want products from that site, and
possibily one other radar which could change seasonally to support
SCAN developers. The other use HQ can make is in support of ORPG
demos, feeding live data into demonstration systems.

If this much can be done without any special configurations, and
without impacting any operations, in particular NCDC archive that'a
great.  Feeding HQ the entire set is not at all necessary, and if feeding
HQ at all causes any problems we can look at other approaches. There
is no operational dependence and HQ is using it only because it is available.

I have stopped our LDM in case we were/are the cause or a contribution
to current problems.  I actually haven't looked at the LDM logs much
since we are only receiving and normally only concerned with data from
one or two at a time, which normally worked well.  If there are specifics I
could or should look for let me know. I'll be available to help any way I can.

Warren Blanchard
National Weather Service
1325 East West Highway - MS 12472
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

Voice: 301.713.1570 x130
Fax: 301.713.9395

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