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Re: IDD connection requested

Hi Luis, 

No this is not widespread, however, many sites do notice a lag or
sometimes drops in data, as the bandwidth gets consumed..generally by
students, hence the cyclical nature of your drops. I suspect it is worse
when the majority of students are awake and online. If this is the case,
it may not be possibe to improve your situation without getting a
dedicated line or increased bandwidth from your ISP.

We'll check getting data from other sites in a first swipe to see if we
can have some control over this...

Let me see if I can get you a feed on UCSD...

Thank you,

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On Tue, 11 Sep 2001, LUIS M FARFAN wrote:

> Jeff,
> yes, I am using nimbus.atmo.arizona.edu as the primary feed site
> for WMO, MCIDAS and NEXRAD products.
> We are experiencing problems to get the data during certain times
> of the day and this happens to be from about 13-06 UTC. During
> this period we have few observations and no satellite imagery from
> GOES. However, most of the data comes well during the rest of the
> time (midnight to early morning).
> This seems to be a network problem, but we are not sure if this is the only
> reason for the lack of data arrival to our LDM system. Things were working
> well before, but it was just a few days ago when we started to notice the lack
> of data.
> Do you know if this problem is being experienced and reported by other users?
> Thanks, Luis M Farfan.
> >Hi Luis,
> >I am still attempting to set up your failover.
> >Is U of A not working out as your primary?
> >If not we should visit that issue first....
> >Thank you,
> >-Jeff
> -- 
> Luis M Farfan

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