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Hi Tom and Bill, 

Tom, alot of these problems will go away if you upgrade to the most
current version of GEMPAK which will be using dcgrib2 instead of dcgrib.

dcgrib is not able to decipher the different projections of the ETA run


HDS     ^Y..... KWB. ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9]).*/mETA    PIP

is matching on all the ETA projections, hence the incomaptible file error
as it tries to write a i.e. grid 211 over a 212 etc...


The naming convention I use is: YYYYMMDDHH_eta@@@.gem

the @@@ will be replaced by the grid number wherever they appear,
so they can name the files anyway they want.

However, if they follow my naming conventions, then they won't have
to go modifying all the template files and nmap/garp configurations!


If they only want ETA grid211, then they could change their pattern to
HDS     ^Y.Q... KWB. ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9]).*/mETA

(the Q refers to NCEP's grid #211).

-----------( from Steve Chiswell)

This is not my forte, so if still unclear, i would redirect the question
to address@hidden and Steve Chiswell will be much more versed in
the GEMPAK routines and there uses.

Thank you,

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On Fri, 20 Jul 2001, B. Cottrill wrote:

> Hi Jeff,
> I recieved this message and responded to him by sending him a copy of the ETA 
> section in our pqact.conf.
> Maybe there is anything you can think of htat would help them.  My knowledge 
> is 
> still growing but I am not an expert yet.
> Thanks
> BC
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> Hi,
> Mohammed Ghani, one of my assistants, had spoken with you about a problem 
> we are having with our installation of this weather program from P. 
> Neilley.  Most thinsg are working well except for looking at the extracted 
> ETA data.  We can look at primary sites like DFW, JAX and CHI OK, but if we 
> look at lower-level sites like ITH or NBK, we get garbage output.
> Our pqact looks like:
> HDS     ^Y..... KWB. ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9]).*/mETA    PIPE
>          /opt/gempak/bin/sol/dcgrib -d /users/ldm/logs/dcgrib.log.eta -g 
> /usr/local/gempak/gempak5.4/tables /data/weather/gempak/data/YYMMDDHH.eta
> That's seems to work properly.
> The dcgrib log shows (don't know if it is related...)
> Jul 20 17:47:07 dcgrib[3014]: Grid 212 incompatible with file: 
> /data/weather/gempak/data/01072012.eta
> Jul 20 17:47:07 dcgrib[2298]: can't open file 
> /data/weather/gempak/data/01072012.eta
> Any ideas what could be hosed?  The RUC, AVN, and NGM work fine for all sites.
> Thanks for any help you can provide.
> Tom
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