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Re: Re[2]: 20010214: NEXRAD floater feed (fwd)

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>From: Harry Edmon <address@hidden>
>Subject: NEXRAD floater feed (fwd)
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200102142236.f1EMaCL19156


> All that page says is to ask for the floater from "your.floater.feed".  I see
> nothing that says who this is?  Is it the same as the NNEXRAD feed?  If so, 
> then
> I need to add that feed type for the downstream hosts.  For me is it supposed 
> to
> be sunshine?  If so, when I try a notifyme to sunshine for FNEXRAD, I get
> connected, but no data shows up.
> This is still not clear.

OK, sorry, now I understand the problem.

The information you're looking for, saying the floater data is
available from your upstream source for FOS data, is currently buried
in the following paragraph

  First, we have allocated a new feed type, "FNEXRAD" for "floater"
  NEXRAD products. For LDM V5.1.2 or earlier, the feed type "NMC3"
  refers to the same feed type. This feed is for "interesting" radar
  data from around the country, as determined by individuals at
  Millersville and DuPage who have generously agreed to provide this
  service. Three floater radars will be available on this feed, but we
  can increase this number as we determine that the IDD can handle
  it. Sites may request this feed from their primary upstream feed as

from the page "Recommendations for Receiving Radar Data" at


The term "primary upstream feed" is not well-defined, but was intended
to refer to the FOS topology.  This confusion has probably caused many
sites who are feeding FOS data to downstream sites to neglect to
include the ALLOW line for FNEXRAD in their ldmd.conf files.  We'll
try to fix this problem when we get back from the CRAFT Workshop
that's happening over the next two days, or maybe I can find a way to
clarify things when I'm not in the CRAFT meetings.

The FOS routing page shows sunny.atmos.washington.edu is getting FOS
data from motherlode.ucar.edu, so that's who you should be getting the
FNEXRAD feed from.

In regard to Dave Dempsey's question, it looks like the host
"sunny89.atmos.washington.edu" is the same as
"sunny.atmos.washington.edu", so that host should be feeding Dave's
LDM at sfsu.edu the FNEXRAD data.  So you will have to put the proper
ALLOW for FNEXRAD in sunny's ldmd.conf and restart it.

Sorry for creating the confusion and not fixing it when you told me
about it ...


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